The Turnitin and its offical website Zaojiance in China for paper copy detection

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摘 要: Many students are worried about failing in paper copy detection when using Turnitin system, since this checking process would be recorded and the results would be submitted to school when using campus network. However, searching and using the oversea websites for paper copy detection services is rather hard for Chinese students. So, here we provide you Zaojiance, an offical website of Turnitin in China, which offers you a identical results as you do at school, but with a instance internet access and no trace or even records.

Forits 7-days/24-hours online services abroad or at home, Zaojiance provides astable Turnitin system with an easy operating and convinent experience. Weoffer a price as low as 2.52 yuan/per 500 words cheaper than any other compeitorswe know. You are also away from the troubles when visiting oversea websites,since we have it all in our datasets. Whatsmore, you are free to use ourservices when checking your papers as many times as you want, since it would benot be traced and recorded under our paper detection system.


Here are the detailedsteps for the Turnitin system

First step:Registrate your personal account for Zaojiance services for free

Visitour website ( login in after an email registrationl or using a permitted account linkedfrom other public Apps (like Weixin), which are both free.

Second step: Startusing the Turnitin systems

Ifyou are one of those in UK, you will have to use the Turnitin UK version. Forany other countries around the world including China, it would be OK to use thein International version of Turnitin. However, pay attention if there arespecial requirements in your schools, colleges or institutions and decide whichversion to choose.

TurnitinInternational Version

Turnitin UKVersion

1)  Click the red button on the system operatingmenu.

2)Submitting systems

3)Enter your titles as required and paste all the contexts down below. If youhave to submit a PDF or Word version, please contact our website customerservices as early as possible to help your complete the submission manually.


Forthe last step, the cost for this service and balance in your account are bothclearly listed. The checking step would take at least 10 mins to finish aftercharging the cost. It may take longer for bigger context. Additionaly, therewould be discount when you share our website services in your social media orbinding your accounts linked with other Apps.

Third Step:Turnitin results

Afterfinish the checking, a report file would be generated automatically in theexamine checklist. You could read the report file in your local disc afterdownloading and unzipping it with a software like Winzar. The reports are withgreat details, including the website and PDF version for different usage.


Special Pointswhen using Turnitin

1.Since there are two versions (UK and international), please pay attention andchoose them carefully.

2.It would be better to include the reference lists in the context when checkingyour paper, because the results might differ. This part would be removed afterchecking systemically and do not cost extra fee.

3.Please login in the Turnitin system only from the offical websites.

4.The checking process would be finished within 10 mins, otherwise it could bethe problem from our website when conducting the report file. Please contactour customer services immediately if report files not generated or downloadingfailed.



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